My Services

Photo Editing

Editing of photos taken by me using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Restoration of old photographs.

Photographing Houses

Taking photos of home interiors and exteriors. Providing high quality images for clients who want to rent out or sell their houses.

Photographing People

I take Portrait photos , Family photos ,  Pregnancy photos , New Born photos , Photos of Weddings , Photos of Birthdays , Celebrations and Social gatherings.

Zet Watson

This is the next step to create lifelong memories of your loved ones.

What my clients say

” Thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of our wedding day.

The photos you took look amazing.”

Andre and Rintha

” Thank you for the beautiful photos you took of me.

I never had so many likes and comments on my photos before.”


” Thank you for the great photos you took of my Apartment they look amazing.

This will surely help with selling my house sooner.”

John Stevens